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We are the First Wholly owned Black entity within the Oil & Gas Downstream Market operating in S.A. With a Professional & Industry experienced team with over 35 years collectively Our company is a young and dynamic petrochemical solutions provider. Our core focus is on services and solutions for our customers.

petrol wholesalers
petrol wholesalers

About Liquid Bulk Petroleum

Liquid Bulk Petroleum is a young and dynamic petrochemical solutions provider that focuses on services and solutions built around customers. We are an approved reseller partner of South African Oil Majors. Our company takes pride in fast, convenient and efficient solutions. We are directly supported by our own internal Liquid Bulk Technical Services division.

Driven By

  • Strong customer service
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Competitive infrastructure
  • Proudly marketing major oil company brands
  • A flexible and responsive delivery service designed to meet the needs of all customer sectors
petrol wholesalers
petrol suppliers

Security of Supply

● Multiple supplier strategy
● Average cost strategy
● National supply ability
● Oil major relationship association & backing
● Multiple transport 3rd party contractors
● Own fleet – Sub-leased
● Off site storage facilities (own & 3rd party tanks)
● Swap arrangements with major wholesalers
● Remote off site tank and fleet monitoring


11. We are the first wholly-owned Black entity within the oil and gas downstream market operating in SA with a professional team with over 35 years of experience collectively.